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2012 Boeing 727 crash experiment - Full documentary

April 27, 2012 - A team of scientists staged an airplane crash near Mexicali, Mexico. An unmanned Boeing 727, fitted with numerous cameras, crash-test dummies and other scientific instruments, was flown into the ground. The exercise was filmed for television.

The aircraft used was a Boeing 727-200 purchased by the television production companies, registration XB-MNP (formerly N293AS), The site in Mexico was chosen as authorities in the United States would not allow the test to take place. The aircraft's original owner was Singapore Airlines. The last United States owner was Broken Wing LLC of Webster Groves, Missouri, who then exported it and transferred it to a Mexican production company. Broken Wing is also the company that planned and executed the experiment. The aircraft was leased to Bob Dole's 1996 presidential election campaign by the then owner AvAtlantic.

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