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Bob Hoover's Final 4-Point Roll in the Sabreliner Jet

February 2014, at the entrance to Paramount Theatre in Hollywood CA. Hoover was honored in an event attended by close to 500 people, including aviation executives & celebrities to view the premier of "Perfecting Flight: Bob Hoover" — a documentary of Hoover's accomplishments. A fiberglass replica of Hoover's P-51 "Ole Yeller" acted as centerpiece of the event.

Hoover told the attendees he was intimately involved in the making of the documentary, including a harrowing animated reproduction of Hoover's escape from the prison camp in Germany, by stealing a German fighter. Also including clips from his achievements as a fighter pilot, test pilot and airshow pilot, the film shows Hoover on a recent flight in a Sabreliner jet over his former test pilot grounds in the Mojave Desert, where he risked his life repeatedly to test the flying capabilities of new airplanes.

Last updated February 2, 2016
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