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Tragic Airplane Accident - Biplane Loses Power on Take-Off

The de Havilland Tiger Moth (VH-UNA) had been flown from Brisbane to Luskintyre to carry out a series of joy flights over the weekend. At the completion of those flights it was configured for a wing-walking demonstration in which, during flight, a person would stand strapped to a demountable frame installed above the fuel tank on the upper wing centre section.

The aircraft was refuelled during the morning prior to the accident. Two local flights were flown before the wing-walking frame was installed. The wing-walker, who was also a Tiger Moth pilot and was experienced with this routine, was strapped into the frame. After starting the engine, the pilot boarded the aircraft, taxied to the eastern end of the airfield, turned, and commenced a takeoff to the west.

After lift-off, a climb was made at a low airspeed. At approximately 150 ft above the ground, lost power. The aircraft commenced a turn to the left, the turn continuing to develop until the dropped. The aircraft then descended steeply into the ground, caught fire, and was destroyed. passenger were fatally injured - 01 May 2014.

Last updated December 18, 2015
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