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WARNING UNCENSORED - Southwest Pilot Suspended for Profane Rant

Southwest Airlines flight attendants are outraged a Houston based pilot was caught on an open cockpit microphone making derogatory statements about his co-workers, lamenting that he couldn't date any if them. The pilot who was talking to his co-pilot had accidentally keyed his microphone, broadcasting his comments to hundreds of other pilots and air traffic controllers across Texas. His insults included homosexuals, older women and overweight people. An air traffic controller tried to interrupt him and take back the channel but the pilot couldn't hear him. Southwest Airlines issued a video statement online after temporarily suspending the pilot. "This was an isolated incident with one employee, making a poor decision, using inexcusable language, and is not representative of the 35,000 hard working, respectful employees of Southwest Airlines," said Chuck Magil, Southwest Airlines VP, Flight Operations. Stevie St. John from LA's Gay and Lesbian center says the case highlights the need for companies to create a culture of acceptance. "Companies really have to send a message to all their employees that this is not acceptable. You should be using language that's respectful of others in the workplace," advises Stevie St. John, LA Gay & Lesbian Center spokesperson.

Last updated December 29, 2017  
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