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SkyWest Pilot Kills Girlfriend Then Steals A Passenger Jet - July 2012

An airline pilot on the run after murdering his girlfriend stole a passenger jet in an apparent attempt to escape but crashed the aircraft into a terminal building and then shot himself - July 17, 2012 The 40 year old pilot went on the rampage in a 50-seat passenger jet (CRJ200) at St George airport in Utah days after murdering his girlfriend. Police say he drove his motorbike to the St George municipal airport in Utah and scaled a razor wire fence while the airport was closed, using a rug for protection. He then boarded the 50-passenger SkyWest jet and drove it past a terminal building, clipping the wing, before crashing into cars in a parking lot. The pilot - who worked for Skywest - then shot himself in the cockpit.

Last updated December 28, 2017  
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