The "Buyer" sends a check in the amount of $200,000 for an aircraft that costs $99,000 and then wants the seller of the aircraft to sent the $101,000 to a supposedly "Agent account". The catch here is that it takes the bank up to 4 weeks to clear a check and most likely the check will bounce and the aircraft plus $101,000 is gone.

From: .......................
Date: 01. November 2006 03:09:12 Uhr PST
To: .......................
Subject: 36 beechcraft

I have made an arrangement with my client in your region to send you a check in the amount of $200,000 when the check clears your bank, I will like you to make the payment of $99,000 on the aircraft, and the balance of the funds should be sent to my agent account who is trying to help me secure a license of aircraft operation in the ministry of aviation in Japan, Why I need your assistance in this transaction is because my client said their company do not wire funds to oversea countries because of  their policy.
I will get in touch with my freight agent as soon as I hear from you to prepare for the transportation of the aircraft, if you consent to my proposal I will need you to forward me your information on how the check can be made and sent to you also I will need your phone number for my client to get in touch with you, I hope you understand.