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Airdale Flyer Company - Caldwell, ID USA. The Airdale is the production version of John Larsen's renowned "Pursang". John took his original Avid MkIV "Hauler" and highly modified it to suit the popular 4 cycle, 4 cylinder horizontally opposed 100hp Subaru EA81 auto engine. Engines now include Continental and Rotax. Modifications to the original Avid included the following. Fuselage stretched by 16" to give better ground handling and CG flexibility. Tow piece, easy to install, 74" wide track aluminum landing gear. Re-raked windshield. Simplified control system which incorporated differential flaperon controls. Re-design of cockpit structure to remove tubes from behind seats giving easier access to a larger baggage area. (55 gal. drum size) Individual, fully adjustable, easy to remove tilt and slide seats. Belly structure in footwell area modified to give extra leg and head room. Double tailspring for better resilience to rough terrain landings. Wider cockpit and doors to accommodate larger pilot and passenger. Re-designed cowling to accommodate greater range of engines. Modifications to Avid wing to increase Gross Weight capability to 1400 lbs. Full stress analysis to comply with JAR regulations at 1400 lbs. MTOW.
American Autogyro - Salt Lake City, Utah USA. Autogyro, Autogiro, Gyrocopter, Gyroplane... These are all words synonymous with autorotative flight, the simple principle by which these aircraft fly. Groen Brothers Aviation is recognized as the world s leading authority on autorotative flight. With thousands of flight hours on American Autogyro s SparrowHawk gyroplanes, the SparrowHawk III quick build is a fun, safe affordable gyroplane now available at $45,500. This homebuilt aircraft kit provides everything you need to fly except fuel, and includes a 165 hp Subaru EJ-25 power plant, flight instruments, propeller and rotor blades. Estimated build time of this quick build format is 300 hours or less. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has evaluated the SparrowHawk III and determined that it qualifies to be included in the FAA listing of Eligible Amateur-Built Aircraft Kits.
Arion Aircraft - Shelbyville, TN USA. The Arion Aircraft design team cut their teeth in the amateur built light plane sector of the aviation world over the last 15 years. After progressing from Kolbs to Titans to RV's and Esquals, the vision began to emerge of a new sort of light aircraft. One that would look great and offer outstanding performance while remaining affordable for the average amateur builder.
BedeCorp, LLC. - Medina, OH USA.
Comp Air - Comp Air LLC., manufactures kits for a complete family of all-composite kit-built airplanes, ranging in size from 2 to 11 seats, powered by engines from 65 to 1,800 hp, with cruise speeds ranging from 75 mph to 400 mph TAS. Now, two of our aircraft will be FAA Certified; The Comp Air 12 and the Comp Air 9.
Comp Air, Inc. - Merritt Island, FL USA
Dream Aircraft - At DreamAircraft, customer support is a priority and no effort is spared in facilitating the TUNDRA assembly process. Color-coded and highly detailed 3D technical drawings are supplied with the aircraft kit, as well as an extensive and detailed assembly manual that shows you step by step «how to build an airplane kit». Finally, a Builder Assist Program is available to customers who prefer to assemble their TUNDRA with help and supervision from our aircraft technicians.
Dyn'Aero - Dyn' Aero is company of great growth potential, leader in the French market in kit sales. Its main activitiy is the conception and assembly of aerobatics and light planes, traded in the form of plans or kits.
Europa Aircraft (2004) Ltd - Europa Aircraft is one of the most successful composite kit plane manufacturers in the UK, with the current models - Europa XS Trigear, Monowheel and Motor glider gaining massive acclaim worldwide. There are over 400 Europas flying in 33 countries and many more in the build process, which places it as one of the most popular brands in the kit plane arena.
Explorer Aereonautics Inc. - First and foremost, Explorer Aereonautics is a group of people, passionate about planes and ready to give their all in their everyday accomplishments.We avoid compromises, in consequence, we are left with the best choice available. No detail is left aside and we all understand that our product reflects on us and our personnality. As a result, we strive to do and be the best. Our team is proud to present you our product: the PRIVATE EXPLORER.
Freedom Aviation - Fort Pierce FL USA
Glasair Aviation - In 1980 the kitplane industry was revolutionized by the introduction of the Glasair - the world's first pre-molded composite kitplane. We have remained on the leading edge of the exciting world of homebuilt aviation ever since! Glasair Aviation is now one of the largest, most well established kitplane manufacturers in the world, with more than 2,500 kits in the field and some 1,200 aircraft flying in countries around the world.
Lockwood Aircraft Corp. - Sebring, Florida USA. Lockwood Aircraft Corp. is an aircraft manufacturer located in the Central part of Florida, the Sunshine State with its perfect climate. We produce the Aircam and Drifter kit aircraft.
Murphy Aircraft Mfg, Ltd. - Canada
RANS - Hays, Kansas USA
Steen Aero Lab - Palm Bay, FL USA. Welcome to Steen Aero Lab, home of the Steen Skybolt, Pitts Model 14, Pitts Special, Knight Twister, and Great Lakes aerobatic biplanes.
SUPAPUP Aircraft - If you are looking for real quality flying with only ultralight costs, then the Australian designed and produced two seat Aeropup is the plane for you. Kits can be assembled in only months not years and can be registered in several categories as recreational aircraft, under the 51% rule, using our components.
Van s Aircraft - Aurora, OR USA
Velocity Aircraft - Sebastian, FL USA. When you buy a kit from Velocity Inc, you become part of the Velocity family. Velocity Inc. is owned and operated by the Swing family. You receive personalized attention, with an honest sincerity not found in many businesses today from the start of your relationship with everyone at Velocity. Velocity is a small company, employing about 20 full-time employees, ranging from mold makers to machinists...creating the refined Velocity kit of today.
Wag-Aero - Wag-Aero was founded by Dick and Bobbie Wagner in the basement of their house in Lyons in the early 1960s. By 1965, Wag-Aero printed its first catalog and continued to expand. In 1971, the company moved from Wagner's basement to its present location on North Road. The original warehouse and manufacturing facility has been expanded by three additions. The airstrip was built at the top of the hill for the convenience of our many fly-in customers.
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