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Very short take off by Air Finland B757-200 in Madeira
Southwest Pilot Suspended for Profane Rant (WARNING UNCENSORED)
F18 Hornet Accident while landing on aircraft carrier
Heavy drop out the back of a C-17
Night Landing at LAX in a Boeing 737NG
THIS is why you don't walk by a 747
Airbus A380 Tail Strike Test
MV-22 Osprey Delivery to the Marine Corps Air Station in Iwakuni, Japan
Plane Hits Trees During Take-off
London Airport in 1955
Nanchang CJ-6A Crash Landing
Low Pass Of An Ukrainian Air Force Il-76MD
How Does A Vertical Speed Indicator Work?
Co-pilot error causes ANA Boeing 737-700 plane to plunge
Cessna 182 Engine Failure - Crash Landing
Flying the Typhoon Through the Mach Loop at Low Level
Plane makes emergency landing on New Jersey highway
Largest flyover in NFL History
Engine fire! Delta Flight from RDU to ATL
Twin Otter Crashes on Take Off at Muncho Lake in Northern BC Canada - July 8, 2007
Scariest Take Off I've Ever Seen - Aircraft Performance and Personal Minimums
RAAF F111 Belly Landing - Amberley QLD Australia
Handproping an airplane for the first time
Pocket Rocket with a Allison 450hp turbine
Insane Helicopter Pilot
Jetman Yves Rossy flies alongside B-17 bomber plane
Engine out on a F-16 forced the pilot to do a dead stick landing
Boeing 707 Barrel Roll - Pilot Tex Johnston Performs Roll In Dash-80 Prototype Aircraft In 1955
Pilot who KILLED HIS GIRLFRIEND tries to steal a commercial plane, crashes it and then kills himself - 2012
U-Tapao Air Base, Thailand - 1969
Westjet Boeing 737 drifting away from the bridge due to strong winds
How To Set Off Car Alarms In a Car Park " Avro Vulcan" style
Crazy Chinook Helicoptor Flyby
Footage of aircraft crash in Iceland
Crazy French Low Level Flying
Davis Monthan Air Force Base Aircraft Boneyard
Concorde Takeoff and Landing
Incredible Vertical Take-off by a Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner at the Paris Air Show 2015
Russian Il-76 cargo jet uses every inch of runway to takeoff
Hilarious! Pilot looses it on ATC
Caught on Camera: Massive Boeing C-17 military cargo plane lands at wrong airport in Tampa, Florida - July 2012
A Very Low, Low Pass Of A Spitfire And One Crap Scared Journalist
First crash of an Airbus A320
Convair B-58 Hustler Emergency Landing - 1961
Just Aircraft SuperSTOL is playing in the desert - No runway? No problem!
Swiss Air Force Jets using a highway for takeoffs and landings during a combat exercises in 1991
Pan Am Flight 843 Boeing 707-321B Emergency Landing at Travis AFB - June 28, 1965


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