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Flying over the Worlds Largest AIRCRAFT GRAVEYARD
YVR Airport Evening Arrivals ➤ May 18, 2018
FIRST Boeing 747 Landing in Kelowna BC Canada | 18 May 2018
Lockheed EC-121T Warning Star / Lockheed Constellation - CLOSE-UP
Snowbirds arriving at the Penticton airport in SMOKY Skies
VMC Aviation Videos
Emirates Boeing 777-300 & Etihad Airbus A340-500 taxi in @ GVA
Powerful Global Express XRS Take Off from KBFI
WestJet Encore Q400 Takeoff from Penticton Airport w/ATC comm
Airplane Graveyard in Kingman Arizona
DC-10 Air Tanker drop test at General Fox Airport
Twin Otter Backing Up
Mystery MAD DOG at KBFI
Ford Tri-Motor at the Mid America Flight Museum
Flight to the home of the last two Martin Mars flying boats
CLOSE CALL with Russian Su-27
Airplanes Hanging from Ceiling
The MIGHTY Martin Mars doing a 7,200 gallon Demo Drop @ OSH2016
BUSY DAY @ the Penticton Air Tanker Base
CLOSE-UP!! Aircraft Carrier OPS F-35C Lightning II
Close-up with the B-25 "Maid in the Shade"
Sikorsky S58 Just Starts Like a (OLD) Car
BADASS warbird getting fuel!!
P-3 Orion and E-2 Hawkeye refuelling on San Clemente Island CA
A NOT so good looking Dreamliner #5


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