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Awesome Cockpit View: KC-135 Stratotanker Touch-and-Go at Hill Air Force Base
Could You Survive with NO PILOT??? - Passenger tries landing a plane with ZERO experience
WesternSkydiver Almost Hits Plane In Freefall
Western Warbirds Association Meeting 2013
First engine start of a Mil Mi-1 helicopter after many years of storage
509UP declaring an emergency! A door flew off the aircraft...
Northwest Lockheed L-188A Electra - "Tell City Crash" - 1960
BOAC Vickers Super VC-10 Promo Film - 1966
Great Engine Sound of a 285hp Housai radial engine on a replica Boeing P-12C
Emirates A380 and Jetman Dubai formation flight explained
2013 News report with crash video of the Asiana accident in San Francisco
Helio H-295 Super Courier - Taxi, Engine Run Up and Take Off @ Firstair Field Airport in Monroe WA
Sikorsky S-61N Emergency landing at Schiphol in 1992
Close-Up; RED DOG 1
Crazy Pilot Shows How To Fly The Mil Mi-2 Police Helicopter
6 1/2 Magic Hours - a Pan Am promotional film from 1958
Ex-TWA Convair CV-880 Departing From Mojave in 1991
A Sikorsky S55 doing a "Shaky" engine run-up
Explained - 1971 Pan Am Boeing 747 Accident in San Francisco
An Aeroprakt A22 Foxbat landing on a ship at sea
American Airlines Lockheed L-188 Electra East River crash - February 3, 1959
Recovery of a Nanchang CJ 6A after an accidental gear up landing
Giant Mil Mi-26 Helicopter picks up a Chinook
Flight to Kai Tak with Swissair Convair 990 Coronado - Swissair Promo Film from the 1970s
Boeing 707 Prototype "Dash 80" Promo Film - 1955
Close-Up; Two RARE Fairchild C-82 Packet
Crash Of Lockheed EC-121K Super Constellation Gander Newfoundland - 1963
Emirates A380 and Jetman Formation Flight
Assignment 747 - a Boeing promotional film ca. 1970
Engine Start-Up of a rare Republic P-47D Thunderbolt - NX7159Z
Flying Businessman (1953)
Reeve Aleutian Lockheed Electra emergency landing after the propeller on engine #4 broke off inflight - June 1983
Accidental take-off of the Victor bomber - Bob Prothero explains what happened
2015 news report of a South Sudan plane crash
P-51 Mustang "GUNFIGHTER" Start-Up
747 Graveyard in the middle of Bangkok
The Largest Helicopter Ever Made - Russian built Mil V-12
Air Ambulance pilot misjudged phone line - March 2011
Eastern Airlines Boeing 727 commercial - 1964
The ITALIAN Stallion - Blackshape Prime
United UA887 YVR-SFO as seen from a cramped but cheap economy class seat
Betty's Dream B-25J Mitchell - Engine Start & Taxi Out
Awesome T-28 Trojan Take Off
Sikorsky S-58 N7936C ▶︎ Walk Around
Buffalo Joe: DC-3 flight with a Canadian Aviation Legend
Aerosucre Boeing 727 at Puerto Carreno Colombia overran runway on takeoff and crashed shortly after - Dec 20, 2016
River rafting group findes Boeing 737 planes in river
F-22 Raptor AERIAL REFUELING with Radio Audio
Explained: AS350 Eurocopter Helicopter Self-Destructs


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