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Resources ➜︎ Aviation Videos 8
Blackshape CF300 Prime Taxi & Takeoff at Bex Airport in Switzerland
United UA887 YVR-SFO as seen from a cramped but cheap economy class seat
Betty's Dream B-25J Mitchell - Engine Start & Taxi Out
T-28 Trojan Taxi & Take Off in Oliver BC
Walk Around Sikorsky S-58 N7936C
DC-3 flight with Canadian aviation legend Buffalo Joe
Aerosucre Boeing 727 at Puerto Carreno Colombia overran runway on takeoff and crashed shortly after - Dec 20, 2016
River rafting group findes Boeing 737 planes in river
F-22 Raptor AERIAL REFUELING with Radio Audio
Explained: AS350 Eurocopter Helicopter Self-Destructs


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