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WW2 - Landing is the hard part
Near Miss with Mountain
United DC-8-21 Accidental Landing in Troutdale OR - 1962
Aerogal 767 lining up with wrong runway in JFK and air traffic controller gets excited
Apache Helicopter Ground Impact and Crash
USS Forrestal C130 Hercules Carrier Landing Trials
Boeing Stearman Groundloop
Cessna Aircraft Marketing Film for the 172 Skyhawk (circa 1960)
Cessna Caravan Engine Failure - Dead Stick Landing
Boeing 747 Dreamlifter Lands at Wrong Airport (ATC Recording)
Blackhawk wake turbulence flips Cirrus on landing
A flight over the "Airplane Graveyard" at Mojave Airport in California
Runway Safety - Over the Line
Saudi Arabian Boeing 767 emergency landing
Relaxing on the wing of Blanik L-13 Glider
Recycling passenger planes in Nigeria
Cargo DC-8-71 aborted landing
Girls Blown on the Beach in St. Maarten
Amazing save of a poor landing on Ice Runway at Alton Bay
B-1B blows away the spotters
Military helicopter crashes at airshow in Ryazan, Russia
Crash Landing in the French Alps at the Mayères Altiport
Douglas DC-3 on floats
Lynx helicopter landing on ship in rough sea
Crane carrying Air India A320 collapses near Begumpet airport in India
Off the ice on floats - Red Lake, Ontario Canada
Near deathly airplane collision with skydiver in free fall
Rapid Descent (Depressurisation) in a Boeing 777
NTSB Animation Asiana Flight 214 Crash in San Fransisco
Amazing video of a Boeing 747 lifting in place in extreme wind conditions
Cockpit Cam shows Emergency Landing On Highway
U-2 aircraft carrier take-off and landings
Columbine II - The first Air Force One
Dramatic video of pilot surviving crash after plane's wing breaks off mid-air
Do or Die Deadstick in 1946 Aeronca Champ
F-15E Strike Eagle afterburner blowout on take-off
Extinguishing In-Flight Laptop Computer Fires - Lithium Battery Thermal Runway
Fokker 100 landing at Havana in a heavy thunderstorm
Bird Strike aftermath
Weather Wise - Beyond Go/No-Go
New student takes off with no instructor and crashes helicopter
Diamond DA62 Photo Mission with Kevin Lacey from Airplane Repo
Radio Communications with Ariel Tweto
Air Tractor AT-802 landing accident
Plane Hits Reporter
Helicopter rolled over in soft snow and the flying rotor blades almost hits a group of skiers
Air Tractor 602 almost hit cameraman on take off
Entering a Pilatus PC-6 while in flight
Archon SF1 Sport Plane in flight
JetBlue ERJ190 Emergency Landing Nassau, Bahamas


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