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Reims Aviation Industries

Reims Aviation is a French aircraft manufacturer located in the city of Reims currently producing the Reims F406.

Max Holste, the company founder, built his first aircraft in 1931, a light two-seater aircraft called the SHB1. In 1946 he started his own aircraft company in downtown Reims. In the 1950s two new models were designed, in 1950 the Broussard MH1521 and in 1959 the Super Broussard MH260. In 1960 a cooperative agreement was signed with Cessna to produce light aircraft for the European market. Reims Aviation was officially born in 1962, mainly producing the F172 Reims Rocket, a more powerful version of the Cessna 172. In 1989 Reims Aviation bought back all the shares held by Cessna and becomes a private French aircraft manufacturer. Production of the single engined airplanes was halted, and only the Reims F406 remains in production.

Other activities
Besides the production of the F406, Reims aviation installs avionics equipment in aircraft and provides maintenance, repair and overhauling of aircraft, helicopters and their equipment.

Models produced
Note that only the F406 is still in production. All aircraft were made in cooperation with Cessna.
- Reims F150
- Reims F152
- Reims F172
- Reims F177
- Reims F182
- Reims F337
- Reims F406

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