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Robinson R44
Robinson R44 Raven I - Big Country Helicopters - N449BC
2007 Robinson R44 Raven I
N449BC (sn 1681)
Big Country Helicopters
Photo taken Jul. 2009
Lake Chelan Airport, WA - USA (S10)
Photo © AirplaneMart.com
Robinson R44 Raven 2 - N901TT
2002 Robinson R44 Raven 2
N901TT (sn 10024)
Photo taken Jul. 2009
Lake Chelan Airport, WA - USA (S10)
Photo © AirplaneMart.com
Robinson R44 Raven II - C-GGCX
2008 Robinson R44 Raven II
C-GGCX (sn 12391)
Photo taken Jun. 2009
Penticton Airport, BC Canada (YYF / CYYF)
Photo © AirplaneMart.com
N145SG Robinson Helicopter R44 Raven
2005 Robinson R44 Raven
N145SG (sn 1494)
Picture taken April 24, 2007
Kissimmee Heliport, FL USA
Photo © AirplaneMart.com
N31GM Robinson R44 Raven Helicopter
2001 Robinson R44 Raven
N31GM (sn 1117)
Silver State Helicopters
Photo taken July 11, 2007
Off-Airport, Okanogan WA USA
Photo © AirplaneMart.com

The Robinson R44 is a four-place light helicopter produced by the Robinson Helicopter Company since 1992. Based on the company's two-place Robinson R22, the R44 features hydraulically-assisted flight controls. The R44 was first flown on 31 March 1990, and received FAA certification in December 1992, with the first delivery in February 1993.

Design and development

The R44 is a single-engined helicopter with a semi-rigid two-bladed main rotor and a two-bladed tail rotor and a skid landing gear. It has an enclosed cabin with two rows of side-by-side seating for a pilot and three passengers. Tail rotor direction of rotation on the R44 is reversed compared to the R22 for improved yaw control authority. On the R44 the advancing blade is on the bottom.
Designed during the 1980s by Frank Robinson and his staff of engineers, the R44 first flew on March 31, 1990. The R44 Astro was awarded an FAA Type Certificate in December 1992, with the first deliveries taking place in January 1993. In January 2000, Robinson introduced the Raven with hydraulically-assisted controls and adjustable pedals. In July 2002, Robinson introduced the Raven II featuring a more powerful, fuel-injected engine and wider blades, allowing a higher gross weight and improved altitude performance.
In 1997, a Robinson R44 was piloted by Jennifer Murray for the first helicopter circumnavigation of the world by a woman, covering a distance of 36,000 miles in 97 days.


The aircraft is operated by many private individuals, companies and flying clubs.

Hong Kong
- Hong Kong Aviation Club

- CITV-TV Edmonton
- CICT-TV Calgary

- Finnish Aviation Academy Pori

United States
- North Andover Flight Academy operates the R44 Astro R44 Raven I R44 Raven II

- TVN - R44 Raven II
- Call&Fly Poland - R44 Raven

Military operators

Dominican Republic
- Dominican Republic Army

- Estonian Air Force

- Hungarian Air Force (used for helicopter pilot training)

- Lebanese Air Force operates four R44 Raven II

Accidents and incidents

The Griffin Helicopter accident database lists 82 fatal accidents between July 1993 and November 2009 from a total of 289 incidents involving the Robinson R44.

On 16 December 2009, an R44 used by Quebec television network TVA crashed in Montreal, Canada while making an emergency landing after reporting mechanical failure. The pilot and a reporter suffered non-life threatening injuries.

On 27 January 2010, a Robinson R44 operated by Midt Norsk Helikopterservice crashed into the Oslofjord at Horten, Norway killing all four occupants.

Specifications (Robinson R44 Raven II)

General characteristics
Crew: one or two pilots
Capacity: four, including pilot
Payload: 900 lb (408 kg)
Length: 21 ft 5 in (9.0 m)
Rotor diameter: 33 ft (10.1 m)
Tail rotor diameter: 4 ft 10 in (1.5 m)
Height: 10 ft 9 in (3.3 m)
Empty weight: 1,450 lb (657.7 kg)
Loaded weight: 2,500 lb (1,134 kg)
Powerplant: 1× Lycoming IO-540-AE1A5 6 cylinder, flat engine with fuel injection, 245 bhp (183 kW)
Fuel: 100 low lead (100LL) fuel or 100/130.
Main tank capacity: 31.6 US gallons (120 liters)
Main tank useable fuel: 30.6 US gallons (116 liters)
Auxiliary tank capacity: 18.5 US gallons (70 liters)
Auxiliary tank usable fuel: 18.3 US gallons (69 liters)

Maximum speed: 130 kn (240 km/h; 150 mph)
Cruise speed: 110 kn (200 km/h; 130 mph)
Range: 300 nmi (560 km; 350 mi)
Altitude restrictions: 14,000 ft (4,300 m) density altitude or 9,000 ft (2,700 m) above ground level in order to be able to reach ground within 5 minutes in case of fire.

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