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Murphy Rebel
Murphy Rebel - N7229N - Kit Airplane
1999 Murphy Rebel
N7229N (sn 422REB)
Photo taken Jul. 2009
Arlington Fly-In @ Arlington Airport, WA USA (KAWO)
Photo © AirplaneMart.com

The Murphy Rebel is a two- or three-seat, strut braced, high wing, taildragger monoplane which is sold in kit form by Murphy Aircraft in Chilliwack, B.C., Canada.

The Rebel was designed by Murphy Aircraft President Darryl Murphy and Dick Hiscock, who was one of the designers of the De Havilland Canada DHC-2 Beaver.

Design goals

The Rebel is a STOL aircraft and was designed to be a personal-use bush plane. It can operate from short, unimproved airstrips and can carry a useful load of up to 750 lbs.


The recommended engines for the Rebel are:
- Lycoming O-320 160 hp (120 kW)
- Lycoming O-235 116 hp (87 kW)
- Rotax 912 80 hp (60 kW)

Higher horsepower gives the plane the ability to lift a bigger payload, take off in a shorter distance and climb out at a steeper angle, all of which are desirable features for “back country flying.”

The drawbacks to higher power engine installations include less payload, higher fuel burns, higher operating costs and reduced range.

Specifications (Rebel)

General characteristics
Crew: One
Capacity: one or two passengers
Length: 21 ft 4 in (6.6 m)
Wingspan: 30 ft 0 in (9.2 m)
Wing area: 150 ft² (14.2 m²)
Wing profile: NACA 4415 mod
Empty weight: 950 lb (432 kg)
Gross weight: 1650 lb (750 kg)
Powerplant: × Lycoming O-320, 160 hp (120 kW)

Maximum speed: 140 mph (227 km/h)
Cruise speed: 120 mph (194 km/h)
Range: 733 miles (1187 km)
Endurance: 6.1 hours

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