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Meyers MAC 145
1954 Meyers MAC 145 / N551 (sn 216)
A rare 1954 Meyers MAC 145 that sports a fuel injected 210hp Continental IO-360 engine with constant speed propeller.
Photo taken July 29, 2009 @ Oshkosh (EAA AirVenture Fly-in), WI - USA (OSH / KOSH)
Photo © Marcel Siegenthaler

The Meyers MAC-125 was a light sport aircraft developed in the United States in 1947, produced in a small series as the MAC-145. The basic design, common to both models, was that of a low-wing cantilever monoplane of all-metal construction with side-by-side seating for two in a fully enclosed cabin. The main units of the tailwheel undercarriage were retractable, and the tailwheel was steerable. The aircraft structure incorporated a framework built up of welded steel tube which extended lengthwise from the engine firewall to the rear of the cabin, and spanwise from one undercarriage well to the other. Around this framework was a conventional, monocoque fuselage. The MAC-125 was powered by a single 125-hp engine while the MAC-145 production model had a 145-hp engine instead and a larger tail fin.

The first prototype was lost during spin testing for certification while being flown by Al Meyers. Meyers parachuted to safety, sustaining a broken ankle, and although the aircraft was destroyed, its steel inner structure was salvaged and used to build the second prototype. Certification was subsequently successfully achieved with this aircraft.

Only twenty MAC-145s were built, each to a specific customer order, a business strategy that insulated the Meyers company from the poor market conditions that bankrupted many small American aircraft manufacturers in the late 1940s. Production continued until 1955, and rights to the design were acquired by the Aero Commander division of Rockwell International in 1965 along with the rest of the Meyers company assets. The type was never produced by Rockwell, and the design again changed hands as part of the Meyers package when sold to Interceptor Corporation in 1968 and subsequently to Prop-Jets Inc in 1982.

The MAC-145 type certificate was subsequently acquired by the Seminole Tribe of Florida, who flew a highly-modified version of the design in 1997 as the Micco SP-20.


  • MAC 125 - prototypes with Continental C125 engine (2 built)
  • MAC 145 - production version with Continental C145 engine (20 built)

Specifications (Meyers MAC 145)

  • General characteristics
    Crew: One pilot
    Capacity: 1 passenger
    Length: 21 ft 10 in (6.65 m)
    Wingspan: 30 ft 0 in (9.14 m)
    Powerplant: 1 × Continental C145, 145 hp (108 kW)
  • Performance
    Maximum speed: 162 mph (259 km/h)
    Range: 600 miles (960 km)
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