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Hawker-Beechcraft Hawker 4000
Hawker 4000 - N40VK - Midsize Business Jet
2010 Hawker 4000 - N40VK (sn RC-40)
Hawker Beechcraft Corporation
Photo taken April 25, 2011
Calgary, AB - Canada (YYC / CYYC)
Photo © Marcel Siegenthaler

The Hawker 4000, originally known as the Hawker Horizon, is a super-midsize business jet developed by Hawker Beechcraft (formerly Raytheon Aircraft Company).


Originally announced in 1996 as the Hawker Horizon, the 4000 made its official debut in November 2005 when a development aircraft was displayed at the National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) convention. As of March 2007 orders totaled more than 130 aircraft, with deliveries scheduled to begin in June 2008. On December 2, 2005 NetJets signed an order for 50 of the new aircraft, the largest single commercial order in the history of Raytheon Aircraft.

The Hawker 4000 is being certified to FAA FAR Part 25 standards, which places a five-year time limit on certification of a new transport category aircraft. The 4000 completed Function and Reliability Tests on May 25, 2006. During September 2005, a prototype underwent testing at the McKinley Climatic Laboratory at Eglin Air Force Base, Florida. However, since the Part 25 five-year window expired May 31, 2006, the company filed an extension request to head off the possibility that the certification program would need to restart from the beginning. On November 21, 2006, the company announced that the 4000 had received its FAA type certification.

In May 2008, BJETS completed an order for ten Hawker 4000 business jets from Hawker Beechcraft Corporation. The contract value including all options exercised was said to be in excess of $330 million. The deal was announced at EBACE on May 20, 2008.

Following the BJETS order, Hawker Beechcraft delivered its Hawker 4000 super-midsized business jet to customer Jack P. DeBoer during a special ceremony at the company's Customer Delivery Center in Wichita, Kan. At the time, the Hawker 4000 played an important role in a new era for general aviation, as it is first in its class to be based on its composite construction.

The Hawker 4000 received its certification in China from the Civil Aviation Administration of China in December 2009.

In February 2010, Hawker Beechcraft delivered its first Hawker 4000 business jet into mainland China. The jet was said to be based at the Beijing Capital International Airport.


The Hawker 4000 can be outfitted to seat eight people in a comfortable cabin configuration. This is partially due to the aircraft's carbon composite construction, which gives it more interior space than many jets in its class. Interior standing room is an average of six feet. This composite construction also makes the aircraft much lighter than a standard aluminum structure, allowing a maximum range of 3,445 nautical miles, and a service ceiling of 45,000 feet (14,000 m). The flight deck features a Honeywell Primus Epic avionics suite with EICAS, FADEC and autothrottle.


General characteristics
Crew: 2 pilots
Capacity: 8 passengers typical, 12 maximum
Length: 69 ft 2 in (21.1 m)
Wingspan: 61 ft 9 in (18.8 m)
Height: 19 ft 7 in (6.0 m)
Empty weight: 23,500 lb (10,659 kg)
Loaded weight: 26,000 lb (11,793 kg)
Useful load: 16,200 lb (7,348 kg)
Max takeoff weight: 39,500 lb (17,917 kg)
Powerplant: 2 × Pratt & Whitney Canada PW308A turbofan, 6,900 lbf / ISA + 22 °C () each

Maximum speed: Mach 0.84 (482 kn)
Cruise speed: Mach 0.82 (470 kn)
Range: 3,280 NM (6,075 km)
Service ceiling: 45,000 ft (13,716 m)

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