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Dassault Falcon 7X
Dassault Falcon 7X Business Jet - C-GMGX
2008 Dassault Falcon 7X - C-GMGX (sn 50)
Photo taken November 10, 2010
Fort Lauderdale/Hollywood International Airport, FL - USA (FLL / KFLL)
Photo © Marcel Siegenthaler

The Dassault Falcon 7X is a large-cabin, long range business jet manufactured by Dassault Aviation, the flagship offering of their business jet line. It was first presented to the public at the 2005 Paris Air Show.


The aircraft has over 165 orders to date. It has received its Type certification from both FAA and EASA on 27 April 2007. The first 7X, MSN05, entered service on June 15 2007.

In 2001, the Falcon 7X, at approximately $35 million, was nearly $10 million cheaper than its nearest competitors in the long range, large cabin market segment, the Gulfstream G550 and Bombardier Global Express. Its 2007 cost is $41 million. As of 2008, the approximate unit cost of the 7X is $50 million.


It is the first fully fly-by-wire business jet. It is also equipped with the same avionics suite, the Honeywell Primus EPIC "Enhanced Avionics System" (EASy), that was used on the Falcon 900EX and later on the Falcon 2000EX.

The Falcon 7X is notable for its extensive use of computer-aided design, the manufacturer claiming it to be the "first aircraft to be designed entirely on a virtual platform", using Dassault Systemes' CATIA and PLM products.

It is also unusual in having an S-duct central engine, and is one of only two trijets currently in production, the other being the Dassault Falcon 900 (the Russian Tupolev Tu-154 is on a limited production run since 1998 as the Tu-154M). It was also the first production Falcon jet to offer winglets.

Specifications (Falcon 7X)

General characteristics
Crew: Three (pilot/co-pilot & 1 cabin crew)
Capacity: Up to 14 passengers (not including crew)
Length: 23.19 m (76 ft 1 in)
Wingspan: 26.21 m (86 ft)
Height: 7.863 m (25 ft 8 in)
Wing area: 70.7 m² (761 ft²)
Empty weight: 15,456 kg (34,072 lb)
Useful load: 15,843 kg (34,928 lb)
Max takeoff weight: 31,750 kg (70,000 lb)
Powerplant: 3× Pratt & Whitney Canada PW307A turbofans, 28.46 kN (6,400 lbf) each

Maximum speed: 953 km/h (515 knots, 593 mph)
Cruise speed: 900 km/h (486 knots, 559 mph)
Range: 11,019 km (5,950 nm) 8 passengers
Service ceiling: 15,545 m (51,000 ft)
Wing loading: 435 kg/m² (91 lb/ft²)

Falcon EASy

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